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R. A. Kreig & Associates is an Alaskan consulting firm formed in 1975.  We are known for our accomplishments in terrain analysis and thematic mapping for engineering, resource, and environmental projects.  We are a small firm and management is committed to close involvement in project work.  Our staff and associated consultants (civil engineers, geologists, and environmental scientists) offer clients the most comprehensive integrated inventory capability and airphoto analysis services in the State of Alaska including expertise in the following areas:


•  Terrain analysis

•  Route and site evaluation

•  Geologic mapping

•  Airphoto interpretation

•  Soil surveys

•  Environmental permitting

•  Environmental studies

•  Vegetation mapping

•  Remote sensing

•  Land title systems


•  Pipeline feasibility & costing

•  Permafrost investigations

•  Soil & site investigations in Russia

•  Construction material surveys

•  Geographic information systems

•  Natural resource inventory

•  Enhanced Landsat imagery

•  Conceptual project evaluation

•  Property appraisal & evaluation

•  Land consulting and right of way


R. A. Kreig & Associates has completed numerous soils, permafrost, and terrain studies for industry and government in Alaska and in Russia for the oil industry and for government.


R. A. Kreig & Associates expertise is particularly needed when the development of conceptual or project design solutions requires evaluation of site conditions.  Our experience in terrain analysis and airphoto interpretation is especially applicable to large areas where little or no existing information is available and the collection of field data is expensive and logistics difficult.


We are especially experienced in feasibility studies for pipelines, railroads, and highways. We have had a major role in geotechnical and routing studies of virtually all the large pipelines in the permafrost regions of Northwestern North America. 


R. A. Kreig & Associates has extensive experience in the permafrost regions of the Russian Federation and China.  Our library has extensive data on northern petroleum and mining development regions of the Russian Federation and we have experience with Russian environmental protection regulations.


Firm Facilities and Equipment


R. A. Kreig & Associates is centrally located in Anchorage, Alaska.  Networked computers serve GIS, word, and data processing needs.  Reproduction capabilities in house include:   11x17 inch color laser printing; high density, 36 inch-wide continuous color plotting at 600 dpi color and 1200 dpi B&W; and 11x17 inch photocopying.  We can prepare clear acetate copies and print envelopes for map jackets and airphoto organizing and indexing.  Cartographic equipment used includes large size drafting and light tables, stereoscopes, etc. A fiche reader-printer serves micrographic needs and other equipment is available for scale changing and map rectification as well as aiding graphics and drafting work.  Laminating equipment is used for preparing map and image materials for display purposes and to withstand rugged field conditions.


Library, Map and Image Resources


One of the strongest assets of R. A. Kreig & Associates in-house facilities is its large library of books and reports, maps, airphotos, and satellite images.  We have ongoing standard procedures to index all materials that contain significant ground-truth acquired in the course of projects.  This makes possible easy retrieval for application to client needs and insures that maximum use of existing data is made before costly (and possibly duplicative) fieldwork is undertaken.   Our central location is convenient to other private and government organizations whose files contain additional geotechnical and environmental information generally required for projects.


A substantial and ongoing effort is made to maintain and continually upgrade this library of  reports, ground truth, and imagery.  It is possible, in most cases, to mobilize very rapidly and economically to meet client needs because R. A. Kreig & Associates generally possesses in-house many, if not most, of the materials needed to commence work on projects.


l)          Book and Map Library


The large library of natural resource, environmental and geotechnical publications consists not only of the standard published works normally acquired but also of such soft literature items as unpublished consultant reports, reprints, vertical file materials and miscellaneous ground-truth data of exceptional significance for terrain and site evaluation.  Also included is a large map and geologic report collection that includes most out-of-print items on the geology of Alaska.  Extensive coverage of Russian materials accumulates with each new project.


To facilitate recovery of ground-truth data, a unique aspect of this library is that items are indexed by geographic coverage and/or attribute class unit (for example, Solifluction Slope, Floodplain, Plant Community, etc.) rather than by standard bibliographic means (i.e. author and title).    


2)         Aerial Photography Library


R. A. Kreig & Associates large collection of aerial photography covers areas throughout Alaska and Northwestern Canada.  It is the largest non-government print collection in Alaska and it compliments the publication library described above by aiding the access of existing ground-truth applicable to client needs.  Airphoto coverage is purchased of outstanding field sites described in many of the documents in the library.  This airphoto coverage then allows us to associate such ground-truth with a specific aerial photographic signature or pattern.  Interpretations can then be extended (with a far higher degree of confidence) into areas that have little or no existing ground-truth.


3)         Enhanced GEOPIC Landsat Image Collection


R. A. Kreig & Associates is an agent for GEOPIC enhanced Landsat imagery.  GEOPIC images are high quality, fully debanded, color infrared composite satellite scenes that display substantially more information than images obtained from other sources.  This imagery serves as an excellent base for regional and small-scale mapping, orientation of personnel, and basic project planning.  For many uses, it is more practical and economical to use than conventional photo mosaics. An in-house scene library of all available Alaskan imagery (at scales from 1:1,000,000 to 1:250,000) is maintained which can be drawn on for client project needs. 


4)         Land Ownership and Status - Library and Resources


An extensive collection of ownership maps and data is maintained.  Parcelization plats for most of the boroughs and major cities are included.  On-line computer access to recorder's office filings, state and federal land records, and assessor's information is available in-house.  Rapid title screening and property evaluation is possible when this database is used in conjunction with the company aerial photography library described above.



R. A. Kreig & Associates Terrain Unit Mapping Classification and Methodology


The R. A. Kreig & Associates Terrain Unit Mapping Classification and Methodology has been under development since 1969 by our Principal, Ray Kreig.  A landscape analysis approach that provided the site information required for engineering development projects and land planning was needed.  This information is typically needed at a regional scale as a project is first conceived and the methodology must be capable of using existing data in progressively more detailed and accurate levels of confidence later as a project progresses to the examination of specific sites and as new field information becomes available.  The methodology is particularly applicable to permafrost regions because it was adopted as the basis for the design of the three large petroleum pipeline projects that cross nearly all of Alaska's highly varied terrain conditions:  1) Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, 1969 to 1976, 2) Alaska Northwest Natural Gas Transmission System, 1976 to 1982 and 3) Yukon Pacific Trans Alaska Gas System 1986 to present.


The R. A. Kreig & Associates Terrain Unit Methodology is organized primarily (but not exclusively) on a landform classification based on genesis.  Landforms are the best basis for unifying the different terrain elements (geology, soils, topography, and vegetation) in an "integrated" inventory or terrain/land classification system.  However, landforms are not used in the system in the "classical" sense (i.e. describing only surface form) because it is necessary for the purpose intended to use a definition of landform that couples surface expression with subsurface material properties.  In some cases vegetation, permafrost and other key site parameters are also included.


The rationale for using terrain units is that similar geologic processes tend to result in landforms with similar environmental and geotechnical properties that present similar land use and engineering problems.

Automation and Digitizing; Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


R. A. Kreig & Associates has many years experience working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  We have ESRI ArcView installed on our GIS workstation networked to an 11x17 inch color laser printer and a high density, 36 inch-wide continuous color plotter capable of 600 dpi color and 1200 dpi B&W product.




R. A. Kreig & Associates employees have worked on terrain studies throughout Alaska and in other areas of the world.  Major projects include:

Client List (Partial)



British Petroleum


Kvζrner RJ Brown

Teck Resources

US Government

TAMS Engineers

Environmental Protection Agency

State of Alaska, Department of Law

Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Alaska Department of Transportation

Municipality of Anchorage



Yukon Pacific Corporation

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Alaskan Northwest Gas Transportation Co.

Northwest Pipeline Corporation

Environmental Systems Research Corporation

Environmental Research Institute of Michigan


Michael Baker

US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab